No Social Media

On 19. April 2019 I entered a challenge of living without Social Media the rest of the year, trust me this is not because I dont like my social friends, it is a simple challenge to myself.

We always talk about alcoholics but forget what effect social Media have on us, I have been leaving my phone in the other room when I go to bed for a while but that is just not enough, you can keep an eye on my progress on this page, I will also let you know if I fail and return.

2019-4-21 Second Day, I had the urge to open profiles all day, but I didnt do it, this is incredible hard, informed my wife that she is now my eyes on social media, she laughed, you be back within a week Brian, I hope not.

2019-4-20 First Day, I went to the sites and remembered I deleted everything, hopefully this will change soon.